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IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 7

IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 7
1. Which printing technology uses the vibration of a crystal to control the flow of ink onto the paper to produce an image?

2. Which printer technology is used in low-cost, photo-quality printers?

3. What laser printer component could cause streaking?

4. Which step of the laser printing process involves scanning the photosensitive drum with a laser?

5. Which software, embedded in a printer, controls how the printer operates and can be upgraded?

6. What is a common disadvantage of inkjet printers?
*The nozzles can get obstructed.

7. What is the best source for a Windows-compatible scanner driver?
*website for scanner manufacturer

8. What are two advantages of using impact printers? (Choose two.)
*carbon-copy printing ability
*inexpensive consumables

9. Which standard governs the use of parallel printer ports?
*IEEE 1284

10. Which technology is used by laser printers?

11. Which Windows XP command sends a file named example.txt to the default printer?
*print example.txt

12. Instead of the document that was expected, a printer is printing unusual characters. What should be the next steps in solving this printer problem?
*Check the printer data cabling. If the cabling is secure on both ends, replace the print cartridge or ribbon.

13. Which type of printer is commonly used in stores to produce cash register receipts?

14. Which two names refer to the IEEE 1394 standard? (Choose two.)

15. Which three functions are commonly included in the all-in-one devices? (Choose three.)

16. A museum possesses several old paintings that the curators wish to reproduce and sell in the museum gift shop. Which type of scanner can be used to produce the highest-quality reproduction?

17. Which two modes of operation within the IEEE 1284 standard allow bi-directional communication? (Choose two.)

18. Which unit is commonly used to measure the print quality of an inkjet printer?

19. Which step of the laser printing process is the last step performed by a laser printer when printing a document?

20. Which software converts scanned pages into text?
*Optical Character Recognition

21. What is typical of a network printer installation?
*the use of Ethernet or wireless

22. What is the maximum number of devices that can be connected to a single FireWire interface?

23. What is an advantage of using a solid-ink printer instead of an inkjet printer?
*It produces vivid color prints.

24. Which two Wi-Fi standards are used to provide a wireless connection between printers and computers? (Choose two.)

25. Which laser printer component is a metal cylinder that is coated with a light-sensitive insulating material?

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