Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guide to Bypass the UDID Registration

There are 3 methods for Bypass the UDID Registration on testing the new iPhone OS 3.0

Method 1
  1. Stop iTunes from connecting to the internet.
    This is done simply by not having your computer plugged into the internet each time you plug in your iPhone/iPod Touch. This method is more for iPod Touchs because since you are not connected to the internet, you CANNOT activate your iPhone. This can be done by not having it plugged in or you can download this tool: Little Snitch (MAC ONLY) (160) if you have a Mac and deny iTunes access to the internet.
    Or this can be done by denying iTunes access using your Firewall.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PHP Test And solutions oDesk

which of the following are used for code reuse?

a. Loops
b. functions
c. Database
d. include files




which of the following is the corect way of specifying default value?

a. Function GetDiscount($Type = "Special") {.........}
b. Function GetDiscount(Type := "Special") {.........}
c. Function GetDiscount($Type: = "Special") {.........}
d. Function GetDiscount($Type : "Special") {.........}



Which of the following are ''magic constant'?

a. __LINE__
b. __FILE__
d __CLASS__
e. __METHOD__



you have defined three variables $to, $subject, and $body to send an email. Which of the following methods would you use for sending an email?

a. mail($to, $subject,$body)
b. sendmail($to, $subject,$body)
c. mail(to, subject,body)
d. sendmail(to, subject,body)


Cisco Discovery - DsmbISP Module 9 Final Exam - V.4 in english

Q.1 A company is developing an Internet store for its website. Which protocol should be used to transfer credit card information from customers to the company web server ?


Q.2. Refer to the exhibit. A new branch office has been added to the corporate network and anew router is to be installed to allow branch office users to access the database server at headquarters. How should the serial 0/0/0 interface of the new branch office router be configured to connect to the headquarters router ?

branch_23(config-if)# ip address
     branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown
branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation hdlc
     branch_23(config-if)# ip address
     branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown
branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
     branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown
branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
     branch_23(config-if)# ip address
branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
     branch_23(config-if)# ip address
     branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown

Q.3 Which two commands ensure that any password that permits access to the privileged EXEC mode is not shown in plain text when the configuration files are displayed ? (Choose two.)

Router(config)# enable secret cisco
Router(config)# enable cisco
Router(config)# encryption-password all
Router(config)# enable login encrypted
Router(config)# enable password encryption
Router(config)# service password-encryption

Chapter 1 Exam – IT Essentials PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.1)

Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory?

A customer orders a new computer and specifies an internal read-write, non-volatile storage device that uses low power, has fast access to data, and is reliable. What is a suitable storage device that meets these requirements?
#solid state drive

Which type of ROM can be reprogrammed with software while it is still physically installed in the computer?

Post Summaries & Read More on Blogger

Blogger is fulfilling some of our expectations. Now blogger officially supports Post Summaries With Read more.This means that you wont need any JavaScript and CSS based tricks to display post summaries on Non-Post Pages.The static pages would be out soon. A screenshot on the official blogger buzz blog has made it more clear.
How Does This Work

Blogger has introduced something called jump breaks. This will help you in creating the summary.

What is a jump break? - Jump break is a special tag which can be inserted anywhere in a post using the post editor.When you have inserted a jump break into a post, the portion of the post above(or before) the jump break will serve as the summary of the post. This means that only this smaller portion will be displayed on Non-post pages.
How to insert a jump break?

If you are using the New Advanced Post Editor, then you can insert the jump break easily from the post editor.

If you are not using the New Post editor,then you will have to manually type the jump break tag . To do that just place

simple xp tips

1.Switch to welcome screen

Press Win+L to switch to the Welcome screen.

2.Lock your workstation

Press Win+L to lock your workstation.

3.Switch user easly

You can switch users without going through the Welcome screen: From Task Manager, go to the Users tab, right-click a user, and select Connect.

4.Hibrernate computer

Hold down the shift key in the shutdown dialog to change "Stand By" to "Hibernate". Or just press H to hibernate instantly. You can even use the Power Control Panel to configure your power button to hibernate.

5.Disable password when resuming stanby

To disable the password when resuming from standby or hibernation, open the Power Control Panel and uncheck "Prompt for password after returning from standby" on the Advanced tab.