Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guide to Bypass the UDID Registration

There are 3 methods for Bypass the UDID Registration on testing the new iPhone OS 3.0

Method 1
  1. Stop iTunes from connecting to the internet.
    This is done simply by not having your computer plugged into the internet each time you plug in your iPhone/iPod Touch. This method is more for iPod Touchs because since you are not connected to the internet, you CANNOT activate your iPhone. This can be done by not having it plugged in or you can download this tool: Little Snitch (MAC ONLY) (160) if you have a Mac and deny iTunes access to the internet.
    Or this can be done by denying iTunes access using your Firewall.

    Method 2

  2. Method 2 has to do with changing the firmware version to ‘trick’ iTunes into thinking you are on a lower firmware than you actually are. This is from hackint0sh:
    1. Restore the phone to 3.0 beta 4 ( doesn’t matter if you update it ).
    2. Use QuickPwn Beta 4 to Jailbreak it ( I didn’t check the activate option).
    3. Use the PhoneView Software Since the iUtilities wasn’t working on my laptop.
    4. Navigate to following address System>Libraries>Core Services>System Version. (I had made two copies of the file on the laptop as both of them would be needed )
    5. Now open one of the file in notepad or textedit or whatever… and edit it as follows
    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “”>
    <plist version=”1.0″>
    <string>1983-2009 Apple Inc.</string>
    <string>iPhone OS</string>
    Now save the file.
    6. Just drag and drop the file in the phone at the same place.
    7. Restart the phone. Now here things become a little complicated, open itunes (the phone will appear as it has hung cuz it’ll be stuck on the progress bar) the itunes will detect it as iphone at 2.2 version and phone still stuck now open the phoneview once again replacing the systemversion file with the original copy.
    8. Reboot

    Method 3

  3. The third and final way also has to do with changing the firmware version except this time you use a program called: iUtilities (262). This is also from hackint0sh:
    1-Update to 3.0 beta2 iPhone 3G or even do a restore
    2-Use Quickpwn 3.0 Beta and select Jailbreak ONLY. when finished the iphone will be jailbroken and screen shows purpole color waiting for activation ..close iTunes.
    3-Open iUtilites if some error shows or Update for just iqnore it and select (String Editor) a new window will open then look for the CHANGE SYSTEM VERSION..CHANGE it to 2.2 and Type in the space Below type 5G77 click ok… restart iPhone and your system version is now changed in iPhone to 2.2
    4-Connect to iTunes and activate.iTunes will activate any version below 3.0 for non DEV make sure you’v inserted the correct sim card.(as you normaly do)
    5-Now back to iUtilities after the activation and redo the process by typing the correct version for 3.0 build 7A25g then restart.

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