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IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 4-5

IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 4-5
1. Refer to the exhibit. During a Windows Vista installation, the Select Your Computer’s Current Location screen fails to display. What could be a possible reason for the absence of this screen?
*The network card driver was incorrectly installed.

2. When troubleshooting a printer problem, a technician finds that the operating system was automatically updated with a corrupt device driver. Which solution would resolve this issue?
*Roll back the driver.

3. Which three settings are available to personalize the appearance of the desktop on a Windows Vista computer? (Choose three.)
*Taskbar Properties

4. In which two situations should a technician create a restore point? (Choose two.)
*before an operating system update
*before installing a new device driver

5 .A user is running Windows Vista and has an application that runs in Windows XP but the application fails to run in Vista. In which Vista mode should the user try running the application?
*compatibility mode

6. A user in a large manufacturing company uses a PC that is connected to the company network. Where should the user look to find a server attached to the network?
*My Network Places

7. Refer to the exhibit. During the installation of Windows Vista, you are prompted with a screen that asks for a username and password. What type of account is created when you select Next after entering a username and password?
*A user that has Super User rights for this installation.

8. A technician has a computer that is unable to boot Windows XP properly. The technician has decided that it is necessary to attempt a repair of XP. Which utility will be run if the technician selects Repair XP from the XP boot disk?
*Recovery Console

9. When a computer boots from the Windows Vista disc, which three functions are performed if the Custom (advanced) option is selected? (Choose three.)
*Changes to disk partitions can be made.
*A clean copy of Windows Vista is installed.
*The location of the Windows installation can be selected.

10. What are two features of upgrading Windows 2000 to Windows XP? (Choose two.)
*The file system is upgraded to NTFS.
*Windows 2000 applications and settings are kept.

11. Which set of guidelines is used to ensure that programmers develop applications that are compatible with an operating system?

IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 6

IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 6
1. What is meant by a laptop device being hot-swappable?
*The laptop does not need to be powered off to install or remove the device.

2. Where can a technician change the power schemes on a laptop running Windows XP?
*Select Power Options from within the Control Panel.

3. What is the proper way to clean optical drives?
*Use a cleaning disc for optical drives.

4. Which generation of cell-phone standards was the first to deal with how to send and receive text, photographs, and video?

5. Which name is given to the collection of settings that control the power settings of a laptop?
*power schemes

6. Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct order of steps to remove a laptop battery?
*2, 3, 4, 1

7. A technician is responding to a helpdesk ticket for a laptop that has a distorted image of the Windows desktop. What is one possible solution?
*Obtain an updated display driver from the laptop manufacturer.

8. Which three components are interchangeable between desktop and laptop computers? (Choose three.)
*USB flash drive

9. Refer to the exhibit. A laptop has these graphics on specific keys on the keyboard. Which key would be used in conjunction with the Fn key to connect a laptop to an external monitor?

10. What power mode is commonly known in the Windows environment as suspend mode?

11. Which Windows XP or Vista control panel is used to reduce power when the computer has not been used by anyone for an hour?
*Power Options

12. Which two characteristics make laptops a better choice than desktop computers? (Choose two.)

13. During the set up of a network connection, which option can be double-clicked to configure an IP address on an Ethernet NIC?

14. Which type of interface do current laptops use to achieve similar expansion capabilities as desktops?
*PC ExpressCard

15. Which two actions should be performed to clean the surface of CDs and DVDs? (Choose two.)
*Use a lint-free cotton cloth.
*Wipe the disc from the center outward.

16. Which two devices can be individually configured within Windows XP to power off after the laptop has been idle for a given period of time? (Choose two.)
*disk drive

17. A technician is replacing a laptop SODIMM. With what component is the technician working?

18. Which internal laptop component may be designed as a hot-swappable device?
*optical drive

19. Which two devices are commonly hot-swappable on laptops? (Choose two.)
*PC Card
*USB Drive

20. How should a hot-swappable device normally be removed from a laptop?
*Use the Safely Remove Hardware systray icon.

21. Which option within the Windows Control Panel is used to install a modem?
*Phone and Modem Options

22. Which display technology is most commonly found in modern laptop computers?

23. Which two laptop ports are used primarily for communication and network connectivity? (Choose two.)

24. What feature is provided by an auto-switching power supply on a laptop?
*The laptop can switch from AC input power or battery-provided power instantaneously.

25. A technician has been called in to troubleshoot a laptop that fails to power on. The technician repeatedly pushes the power button without any results. What should the technician do next?
*Attach the AC adapter.

26.What is the major difference between desktop and laptop motherboards?
*Desktop motherboards typically have a standard form factor and are interchangeable while laptop motherboards are proprietary.

27. Which three components commonly connect to USB or FireWire ports? (Choose three.)

28. Refer to the exhibit. Which two form factors are supported by the devices shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)
*34mm wide
*45mm wide

IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 7

IT Essential v4.1 Chapter 7
1. Which printing technology uses the vibration of a crystal to control the flow of ink onto the paper to produce an image?

2. Which printer technology is used in low-cost, photo-quality printers?

3. What laser printer component could cause streaking?

4. Which step of the laser printing process involves scanning the photosensitive drum with a laser?

5. Which software, embedded in a printer, controls how the printer operates and can be upgraded?

6. What is a common disadvantage of inkjet printers?
*The nozzles can get obstructed.

7. What is the best source for a Windows-compatible scanner driver?
*website for scanner manufacturer

8. What are two advantages of using impact printers? (Choose two.)
*carbon-copy printing ability
*inexpensive consumables

9. Which standard governs the use of parallel printer ports?
*IEEE 1284

10. Which technology is used by laser printers?

11. Which Windows XP command sends a file named example.txt to the default printer?
*print example.txt

12. Instead of the document that was expected, a printer is printing unusual characters. What should be the next steps in solving this printer problem?
*Check the printer data cabling. If the cabling is secure on both ends, replace the print cartridge or ribbon.

13. Which type of printer is commonly used in stores to produce cash register receipts?

14. Which two names refer to the IEEE 1394 standard? (Choose two.)

15. Which three functions are commonly included in the all-in-one devices? (Choose three.)

16. A museum possesses several old paintings that the curators wish to reproduce and sell in the museum gift shop. Which type of scanner can be used to produce the highest-quality reproduction?

17. Which two modes of operation within the IEEE 1284 standard allow bi-directional communication? (Choose two.)

18. Which unit is commonly used to measure the print quality of an inkjet printer?

19. Which step of the laser printing process is the last step performed by a laser printer when printing a document?

20. Which software converts scanned pages into text?
*Optical Character Recognition

21. What is typical of a network printer installation?
*the use of Ethernet or wireless

22. What is the maximum number of devices that can be connected to a single FireWire interface?

23. What is an advantage of using a solid-ink printer instead of an inkjet printer?
*It produces vivid color prints.

24. Which two Wi-Fi standards are used to provide a wireless connection between printers and computers? (Choose two.)

25. Which laser printer component is a metal cylinder that is coated with a light-sensitive insulating material?