Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seven tips to perpetuate long distance relationship work

Of a long-distance love is, but it is not hard 会Enai time. I think many of you who would split the stress and loneliness? So, I will introduce a little trick to successful long-distance love, please try to help.
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Daily e-mail contact only
I may be short sentences, send e-mail every day. And given a sense of security, and do not do this, and many people feel that dating does not make sense. Plan accordingly.
Short call
Just because 会Enai, not very long phone call to a taboo.高Bura feeling rather let meet informal Noh play, it is very stressful for 会Enai. Once even a fight with a long phone call to the poor, very disappointing. The ending is recommended to call in about 10 minutes.
Also contacted the other parents, etc.
If you know the address and telephone number and, occasionally, etc. Take a contact person's parents. By doing so, the lead was 1:1, and it increases to 3 pair 2,1, the statement is against the peace of mind.
Then keep an appointment
Spend time together is limited so that, when there come up with a plan to meet next. The next thing you are going to meet, so you can hang in there to enjoy it also is effective.
Write a letter
Apart from the e-mail, letter writing is quite recommended. Email remains the shape than I, even apart from have a sense of intimacy. Once you have enclosed photographs and will have them looking forward to coming every letter.
Playing with friends of the opposite sex
会Enai period to remain still, is painful in its own way. Boyfriend once in a while, playing with the opposite sex other than her, you might like that distract the mind. Try to order too much stress.
Convey the feelings of each other meet
Go to the other's feelings and cold feelings 会Enai minutes, meet regularly communicate feelings. Be able to reassure the person you reaffirm a sense to say that the feelings of each other.
Long-distance love are dying too are in touch just because 会Enai not lasting too long phone call every day to keep in touch with such opposition. "Moderately" because the point is that, please come out and helpful.

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